Pirihira Cribb

MC De-Lyte

Ngā manga iti ngā manga nui e honohono kau ana

Ka hono, ka tupu, hei awa

Hei Awa Tupua

The small and large streams which flow into one another

And continue to link, and swell, until a river is formed

The majestic river

Greetings from the beautiful banks of the Whanganui river.

This is my fourth outing as the emcee of the National Māori Housing Conference following the hosting of the conference in Whanganui in 2014 and then in Tauranga in 2016 and in Waikato in 2018.  To say that I am feeling part of the Māori housing whānau is an understatement and my words are inadequate to express my heartfelt thanks at being invited back to Heretaunga in 2020.

I am humbled to traverse this country for a kaupapa as important and significant as housing.  I spend every waking moment of my life (and probably every sleeping moment) committing myself to building a better nation for my children and grandchildren.  When the time comes to depart this part of the journey I want to look back and know that I have done my part.  Emceeing is the talent I have been given and I harness that to contribute to the fabric of this nation.  Once again I look forward to guiding the conference again this year and learning new things about you and me.

Oti noa, Kahungunu karanga mai.

Pirihira Cribb